Our Journey

The muse of the Lipstick Laws creative brand, Kameka Pierre is a corporate training juggernaut by profession. The Sr. Compliance Training Specialist, is the mother of a majestic 7 year old, who has superpowers from Autism, and a hue aficionado by divine intervention.

A life-long desire of all things beauty, and finding a void in what social media deemed as beautiful inspired Kameka to want to add to what society deemed as beautiful. A job offer in Washington, DC lead Kameka to relocate from Brooklyn, NY and launch, Lipstick Laws. Kameka's passion to curate bright hues of lipstick was further ignited as she would daily pass by The US Capitol admiring its architecture and what the building represented, behind the scenes the laws of lipstick would be birthed. Using the brand's platform, Lipstick Laws would bring awareness to common legal phrases and terminologies that would educate them on the Judicial System hence, the wording, “Laws." The brand currently offers three options. These options are "FEDERAL LAWS," which consist of a 2 in 1 concept (Lipstick and built in liner) option, "STATE LAWS," which consist of liquid lipstick option, and finally, "LOCAL LAWS," which consist of a cream lipstick option. Each lipstick is closely associated with legal names, i.e., “DNA," "Judge," "Deposition," "Jury," etc. Lipstick Laws, provides definitions and examples of how or when the use of name of the lipstick would be applicable.

Although Kameka’s passion was detoured, by prayer and grace she has never given up. The demand and growth of Lipstick Laws, has now pushed the brand's lead ambassadors desire for Lipstick Laws, to secure its spot in the cosmetic brand industry